Aganippe (Greek: Template:Polytonic) was a name or epithet of three figures in Greek mythology and a genus of spiders.

  • Aganippe was the name of both a fountain and the naiad (a Crinaea) associated with it. The well is in Boeotia, near Thespiae, at the base of Mount Helicon. It was created by the hooves of Pegasus and was associated with the Muses as a source of poetic inspiration. The nymph is called a daughter of the river-god Termessus.[1][2] The Muses are sometimes called Aganippicles.[3]
  • Another Aganippe was the wife of Acrisius, and according to some accounts the mother of Danaë, although the latter is more commonly called a daughter of Eurydice.[3][4][5]
  • Son of the king Egypt. And Leukippês (or Leucippe) who was Euênôr (or Evenor)'s spouse and Efesto's granddaughter and Kleito's mother.[6]
  • Aganippis is a name used by Ovid as an epithet of Hippocrene;[7] its meaning however is not quite clear. It is derived from Aganippe, the well or nymph, and as "Aganippides" is used to designate the Muses, Aganippis Hippocrene may mean nothing than "Hippocrene, sacred to the Muses."[3]

Spider genusEdit

  • Aganippe is also the name of a spider genus in the family Idiopidae.


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