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This article is about the people and places of Greek myth. Chryse Planitia is also an extremely large impact basin on Mars
  • In Greek mythology, Chryse (Template:Lang-el) was a lover of Ares and mother of Phlegyas.
  • Chryse Island (Greek: Χρύση, Khrýsē) is an island in the Mediterranean where, in Greek mythology, Philoctetes was bitten by a snake.
  • Chryse is the Greek short name of gold-producing Chryse Chersonessos in the East Indies. This name was applied by the geographer Ptolemy to the Philippines[1] which means isle of gold.[2][3] It is located to the east of Khruses Kersonenson (The Golden Peninsula) which refers to Malaysia.
  • Chryse is also the name of a town mentioned in Homer's Iliad, from which Agamemnon took Chryseis.
  • Chryse is a large planitia (low plain) on the planet Mars (see Chryse Planitia)


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